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F.A.Q. Section
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What does "factory-built" mean?
It means just what it sounds like! Your home is built in our climate-controlled factory in Morewood, Ontario. As much work as possible is completed in your home prior to shipping, including the electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems. This ensures better quality control and a more intact air barrier than contractors can achieve when they construct a home on the building site.

How long will it take to have my home built?
Construction time varies depending on the time of year you order your home - some seasons are busier than others. When we're busy, we can usually ship your new home in no more than three months. At other times, your home may be ready to ship in eight weeks or less.

Can I see my home being built or take a factory tour?
We're proud of our facilities and our craftspeople, so we love having guests. If you're interested in visiting our Morewood, Ontario factory - to see your own home under construction, or someone else's - contact your builder. Or, take the virtual tour!

Can I have a brick home?
You can have any kind of siding. Let us know what you want - brick, vinyl, clapboard, you name it. Brick is, of course, installed on-site.

What kind of floors, fixtures and finishes can I have?
Choose hardwood floors, upgraded baths or kitchens, or premium interior trims and Guildcrest will happily accommodate you.

Say I wanted upgrades such as a thicker sub-floor...
Our minimum specifications reflect our commitment to quality and value in every Guildcrest home. However, we'll upgrade any of our materials to suit your needs.

What about shipping and delivery?
Every Guildcrest builder has an area in which shipping and delivery costs will be included (check with your builder for their area, or contact Guildcrest for the name of an authorized builder near your site). Your home will be shipped on our specially designed flatbed trucks and we'll arrange for the crane that will offload and assemble the modules.

What am I responsible for at the site?
You can sub-contract your home's foundation and service hookups, or you can let your Guildcrest Builder provide a turnkey solution to site preparation.

How steep a roof can I have?
Choose the roof pitch that best suits your dream home. Guildcrest's unique hinged-roof system allows us to transport homes of any design without worrying about clearance issues.

How much does a Guildcrest home cost?
Modular homes are often more affordable than comparable homes built entirely on-site. The final cost will naturally depend on your home's style, features and location. Local building requirements may also affect the final cost. A rule of thumb is the larger the home, the lower the cost per square foot.
Contact your Guildcrest Builder for information on pricing.

Can I alter or provide plans?
You may change many aspects of your home's layout so that it better suits your family. Move an interior wall, remove a wall to combine two rooms, add a sliding door, or even let us build a home based on your own plans: a Guildcrest sales representative can tell you what's possible.

How much of my home is "finished "?
As much construction as possible is completed in our climate-controlled factory prior to delivery. This includes most electrical, plumbing and ventilation work, as well as insulation, drywall, and the installation of doors and windows, interior trim, kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures. How much is left to do on-site depends in part on your home's design. Brick or stone cladding, for instance, is completed after delivery. Your Guildcrest sales representative can tell you more.

Can I be my own general contractor?
Completing one of our homes on site requires a variety of skills and comprehensive knowledge of home building practices. If you choose, however, and if you meet your province's or state's regulations governing building trades and professionals, you may coordinate the finishing of your home as general contractor. Contact Guildcrest or your local building department for more information.

Is my home covered by a warranty?
All Guildcrest homes are covered by a 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Warranties provided on products such as shingles, fixtures and floor coverings are assigned to the homeowner. Guildcrest's warranty includes ten years of protection against major structural failure, limited protection for electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, and a comprehensive one-year warranty on all factory work.


More questions? Please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.